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I provide occupational therapy and sensory integration services for people with disabilities or conditions of any age. I am dedicated to providing high quality assessment and therapy to all clients regardless of complexity or challenges.


­I work with individuals experiencing a wide array of conditions and disabilities. These include people with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism spectrum conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological movement disorders, autoimmune conditions, long-term respiratory and cardiovascular deterioration, among many others.­


I became an independent occupational therapist to offer more effective and personalised assessment and therapy specifically designed around each individual's needs.­


How It Works

The process starts with a thorough face-to-face assessment, which will cover all aspects of living for the individual with a physical or developmental condition or disability. Relevent daily living tasks will then be observed to establish the challenges to functioning. From this discussion and observations, we will identify the areas of difficulty or barriers currently experienced, all of which will then be detailed in a thorough professional report. If the person decides to continue with further sessions, we will work together to make a practical plan to overcome or manage those challenges.

This process works through collaboration. The lifestyle, challenges, goals, thoughts and ideas of those involved will never be judged or disregarded. I'm here to facilitate what you or the person you support wants to achieve, in whatever form that may take.­




Case Manager­

“The client and his family were very impressed with you ... so well done!”

Client with quadreplegia and complex manual handling requirements

Client's Daughter­

“…what a fantastically thorough assessment [Fiona] does…”

“Thank you very much for your report; really thorough and helpful as usual.”

Client with complex manual handling and positioning requirements

Client's Family­

“Your recommendations are just what I needed to have the confidence to purchase these two big ticket items."

Client with reduced mobility and hoarding issues, requiring bathing , positioning and daily living equipment

Case Manager­

"Thanks Fiona! That is a very impressive turnaround time!"

Client with recent reduced mobility needing a new wheelchair and manual handling equipment


“Thank you for all your help and taking my stress calmly.”

Client with spinal compression and complex seating and housing modification requirements


“Thank you so very much for taking so much time and care ... to produce such a full accurate and very informative report.”

Client with multiple previous strokes and recent fall